Croatian language... "hrvatski"

- Official language in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Native speakers - almost 6 million, South Slavic language

- Croatia is one of the most popular vacation places 
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CROATIAN Female Speaker

Female Voice Snjezana
Professional tone...
eLearning_CRO_Snjezana (1).mp3
MP3 Audio File 364.9 KB
Female Voice Snjezana
IVR Message
IVR_CRO_Snjezana Zivkovic.mp3
MP3 Audio File 153.9 KB

CROATIAN Male Speakers

Male Voice GP
eLearning narration
PUBLICA - CROATIAN Narration_Male GP.mp3
MP3 Audio File 213.9 KB
Male Voice Mario
Deep and Friendly voice
MP3 Audio File 164.9 KB
Male Voice Zoran S.
Mature voice
PUBLICA - CROATIAN Male Zoran Simunovic.
MP3 Audio File 318.4 KB